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Chicago, Chicago!

Chicago, Chicago! We are heading to Chicago in January for the Maurice Sporting Goods vendor trade show. These are the guys that supply almost every sporting goods store in North America, from Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s to Walmart and Home Depot. It will be a blast and after the show we are doing a John Hughes Tribute tour. If you don’t know who John Hughes is, your either too young or you need to get inside and watch more T.V. !! Stay classy, internet.

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Kombo Instructional....and Destructional Video!

Kombo Instructional....and Destructional Video! 28 March 2013     Kombo Videos  Have you checked out our YouTube Channel?  We’re always looking to add new stuff and welcome your feedback regarding how you’d like to see the Kombo in action. Until then, enjoy this instructional / destructional video https://youtu.be/2eCNSdDDEL0

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The Fish Tool that Takes Care of the Dirty Work

A Fishing tool that Takes Care of the Dirty Work Here at Kombo, we love the best of the great outdoors.  And even more, we love the thrill of reeling in the “Big One”, the sense of accomplishment, and the memories that last a lifetime. Kombo makes that fishing experience even better. Everyone knows how many tools, tricks and gadgets are needed to lure in that 10-pound Walleye. But what about after you catch the fish? You’ve struggled to pull the big one in and now you’re searching for a rock to do the dirty work. Once accomplished, you move onto the messy part: gutting and filleting. How many different tools do you have to get this process done? Or...

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