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Tell us what color Kombo you like!

What's your favourite color?    So we have some decisions to make! We are trying to find out what colour would best suit our new Kombo Fish Tools, and we are asking for your help! Like us on Facebook and cast your vote. At the end of next week, we will draw from those of you who comment on our multi colour Kombo post, saying which colour you like best, and you will win a free Kombo Tool! Go to Facebook.com/hellokombo to choose your favourite colour:)

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Toronto is cold.....

 Toronto is cold... 18 December 2013     News & Annoucements  I am stuck in the Toronto Airport right now. I am flying standby, for free thanks to my good friend Shane Bradley who put me on the ‘Buddy List’ as i call it. Way to go Westjet! But the flight is full so we will see when i get out of here. I had a meeting with Big Rock Distribution. We are looking forward to working with them to get our Kombo Tool in every Canadian sporting goods store, so keep your eyes peeled in early May for our shiny green fish bonker in a store near you!

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