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Tell us what color Kombo you like!

What's your favourite color?    So we have some decisions to make! We are trying to find out what colour would best suit our new Kombo Fish Tools, and we are asking for your help! Like us on Facebook and cast your vote. At the end of next week, we will draw from those of you who comment on our multi colour Kombo post, saying which colour you like best, and you will win a free Kombo Tool! Go to Facebook.com/hellokombo to choose your favourite colour:)

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Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna 01 April 2014     News & Annoucements  Hey Everyone, We have a fantastic opportunity to be a sponsor for ‘The Pinwheel’ Tuna boat on the popular National Geographic show, ‘Wicked Tuna’ next year! If everything goes as planned, you will see the young punks of the Pinwheel brandishing bright green Kombo Tool’s to knock out and clean their catch…..well maybe not the Tuna, but definitely the bait fish! The Tuna-bonking will have to wait for our second product….a baseball bat with a 12″ sword hidden inside:) Don’t miss ‘Wicked Tuna’ on National Geographic Channel Saturday and Sunday nights.

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