Uncrate the Kombo Fish Tool

Uncrate is showing us off again! www.uncrate.com is probably the coolest site out there as far as gadgets go, and we worked with them on a feature of the Kombo Fish Tool. Check it out!


  • Hello Kombo

    Hey Joshua. Send me the link to the videos. I’ll definitely check them out! If we called it a skinning knife, it sometimes confuses people. With the word ‘fillet’, everyone associates that with fishing. But more knowledge is always welcomed! Cheers.

  • Joshua

    Hi Kombo, I wanted to share something with you I think you should see. The fillet knife you are selling is NOT a true fillet knife. THe Kombo is a skinning knife. I only know because I came across a series of cleaning videos by a fisherman from Savannah, GA. Please look up his videos and look at what a real fillet knife is. Captain Vince Russo is his name. He has been cleaning fish for over 50 years! If you watch his videos you will see.

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