Hong Kong Hot Pot

I don't go to Hong Kong for the food, but I will in the future. After a long day of trade showing, we headed out to partake in a Chinese tradition, Hot Pot. They put out 2 vats of water, oil, butter and chilis along with other spices and then bring an assortment of meat and veggies. You drop the food into the hot pot and wait for it to cook, then bottoms up. There have been stories of such interesting hot pot choices as dog and horse, but we only got as crazy as pig brains, intestines and coagulated blood. Mmmmm sounds tasty. Actually it was. Who would think pig brains taste like spicy tofu? If you are a true foodie and want a new experience, Hot Pot is a must try. And if you don't have a China trip in your current plans, you can find them in some cities. We are in Vancouver where we have a high population of Chinese people, so its off to Richmond for us!

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