Introducting......Sort of.... The 'Kombo Survive'

The 'Kombo Survive'

We have been working on designing our new tool, The Kombo Survive. We found a contractor in Pennsylvania that is doing all the design work, CAD drawing the ‘Survive’ and also 3D printing it. 3D printing is the coolest thing out there and in my opinion, the future of manufacturing. It puts a prototype in my hands for a really low cost, making it very easy to patent and demonstrate, as well as work out any functional kinks in the testing phase. I would love to tell everyone what it is, but we have to protect our ideas:) I have all the 3D renderings that were sent to me by Dan Kreisher, our designer, and all i can say is ‘wow’. It looks sick. Stay tuned to our website or follow us on instagram, twitter or Facebook for updates. We should have the ‘Kombo Survive’ manufactured and ready for sale before 2015. We are aiming for fall of this year.

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