Kombo Fish Tool

The 'Kombo Fish' is convenient innovation at its best.

Whether you're out fishing on a lake, river or ocean, the Kombo Fish is there to help. The construction of the tool is rugged and built to last. Made of industrial grade polypropylene, this fully loaded 'bonker' is tough and easy to clean. And with the help of 3 stainless steel weights, it packs a serious punch! Cleaning your catch is made easy as well, with a hidden fillet knife in the head. The knife handle is made of Thermoplastic Rubber for maximum grip and the blade is a high quality 3CR13 Japanese stainless steel and is very flexible for filleting your fish. There is a sharpener built in to the tool to keep that blade nice and sharp, and on the back of the knife there is a cleaning spoon, designed for scraping out the spine blood and other fish bits. And don't worry about dropping it overboard, because the Kombo Fish floats!

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Type: Tool

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